Transcriptions from Experts

From the spoken word to written copy

You have recorded spoken text and now you need to edit it for publishing, use it for subtitles or possibly even have it translated? In that case, the text must first be written down– that’s called a transcription. This is normal for interviews, lectures, discussions, meetings, video recordings, etc. We can transcribe texts in German as well as in other foreign languages.

You can send us the data securely via our online account which we will be happy to send you, if required. Large volumes of data are also no problem. Which means it doesn’t matter where your company is located. We support customers all over Europe quickly and easily.

What are transcriptions?

We create a Word document from the spoken word of an audio file or video. The languages offered are German, English, Italian, French and Spanish. Other languages on request.

Here’s how it works!

We can work with various audio formats. Typical file types include: .WAV .MP3 or .MP4 - The recording should be of good quality. The speakers should talk loudly and clearly, at a moderate pace, and in a language they are accustomed to speaking. The spoken texts should not overlap and there should be no additional noises. The better the quality of the recording, the faster and therefore less expensive the transcription will be.

What does a transcription cost?

The time required to process an audio file is calculated as a multiple of the length of the audio file, depending on:

sound quality
number of persons speaking
languages and voice quality

(native speakers or not)

transcription rules used

(simple or extended; with or without timecodes)

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