File formats

There are many file formats, most of which we can also translate for you.

We translate these formats without changing the embedded formatting.

The file exchange format idml contains no copyrighted fonts or images but only the text level.
This means you can have your flyers, brochures or catalogues translated directly in idml format without time-consuming copying exercises and thus without wasting time.

e.g. as exported from websites, CMS systems, machine software, apps.
This makes it possible to reimport the translation without any error-prone copying to the website or your program.

We translate indirectly from image file formats by converting the text with the result that you receive the translation in Word format, for example.

We will be happy to test whether files can be handled without problems before tackling the “real” translation (e.g. reimporting into your programs, representation of special characters in the foreign language, etc.)


e.g. English, French, Russian, Croatian, among others


e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, among others,

Middle East & Africa

e.g. Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, Dari, among others

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