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You have special requirements as far as the quality of the translation is concerned and need to verify that we have delivered a translation compliant to DIN EN ISO 17100 with your internal Quality Management Department (QM)?

Then you belong to the group of customers whose translations must be done with additional consideration and care and carried out under the regulations of DIN EN ISO 17100. We have declared ourselves with DINCerto and are officially registered. We would be happy to send you the notification of registration should you desire or create a deceleration of conformity. Get in touch with us. What exactly does this international standard which came into effect in May 2016 entail?

The DIN EN ISO 17100 specifies the requirements for the processes when carrying out a translation and therein ensures a uniform international quality standard.

As the successor to the European DIN EN 15038, the ISO 17100 encompasses the worldwide translation market as an international standard thereby creating uniform standards. As its predecessor DIN EN 15038, ISO 17100 specifies the qualifications of the translator, editor, and project manager.

The facts:

  • the translators / editors / project managers must be qualified
  • the quality of the translation must also be evaluated by external translators
  • continuous education and training for both translators and project managers
  • safe and confidential handling of customer data
  • work with professional translation tools such as, Translation-Management-Systems, Terminology Database-Systems.
  • utilisation of existing style guides and glossaries
  • accurate translations with regard to semantics, syntax, punctuation, phrasing, terminology, formatting, target groups as well as conventions and standards
  • post-translation proofing and editing

Project Management

Our project managers accompany you and your project from the beginning to the end. Their tasks include among other things, the verification of whether processing i.a.w. ISO 17100 is desired by the customer. Further tasks include:

  • File preparation for Calculations
  • Creating Offers
  • File preparation for Translations
  • Translator Selection
  • Proofreader Selection
  • Schedule Creation and Monitoring
  • Quality Control of Incoming Deliveries
  • Maintenance and Implementation of CAT-Tools ( Creation of Translation Memories for Customers)
  • Post-Processing
  • Glossary Care
  • Data Archiving
  • etc.

The price.

Translations i.a.w. ISO 17100 are covered in the price category “Highend”.

In addition to the translation costs, further costs are accumulated through the additional copy-editing by a secondary translator. Find further information here under prices.

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