Transcriptions from Experts

or “From spoken word to written text”

You have recorded spoken text and now need to edit it for publishing or possibly even need it translated? Then the text must first be written down – that’s called a transcription. We can transcribe texts in German as well as in other foreign languages. Typical for interviews, lectures, discussions, meetings etc.

You can safely send us the data via our ftp-server access. Large volumes of data are no problem. Which means it doesn’t matter where your firm is located. We care for customers all over Europe quickly and easily.

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What are transcriptions?

We create a Word document from the spoken word of an audio file. The possible languages are German, English, Italian, French and Spanish. Other languages on request.

So, let’s start!

We can work with various audio formats. Typical file types include:

wav – mp3 – mp4

The recording should have a good quality. The speakers should speak loud and clear, at a moderate pace, and in a language they are accustomed to speaking. The spoken texts should not overlap and there should be no additional noises. The better the quality of the recording, the faster and cheaper the transcription will be.

What does a transcription cost?

With a quality recording, transcribing takes 6 times the recorded amount. If you send us 10 minutes of audio, we will need 60 minutes only for the transcription. One hour costs €50 + VAT. The minimum charge of €40 + VAT also applies in this case.

As a translation agency, transmit-Deutschland cares for numerous customers in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Hanover, Munich, Heidelberg, Berlin, Stuttgart, Cologne, Vienna, Zurich, and other German and European cities.

Our customers come from the specialty areas of publication, advertising and marketing, IT, automobile industry, tourism, trade, nutrition, law offices, medicine, service providers and many more.

Feel free to contact us regarding a transcription enquiry under +49 (0)4165-216230.