Our philosophy

There are many translation firms and agencies. What sets us apart from the others?

Our team

“Translations from real people for real people, with cutting edge technology. That is our passion!”

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We mean, what we say.

Commissioning translations is a matter of confidentiality. We the team at transmit-Deutschland see ourselves as your partner for translation services. We would like to make your job easier. That’s why we will gladly consult you right from the beginning. We will be at your side throughout the entire translation project even if things get tough. And all that personally, individually, and reliably…


We are members of QSD – Qualitätssprachendienste Deutschland e.V. (Quality Language Services in Germany)

Harald Puse, Managing Director and Background Operations

“I make sure that everything runs smoothly. Ultimately, the project managers should be able to concentrate on their work.”

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When the owner is also a member of the staff…

…you know, what the customers want, the suppliers need, and what the staff is capable of. That’s why I have stayed on the front lines, it’s been tried and tested.

We often find that our customers are surprised that we are happy to thoroughly consult them. Fair play is a given for us.

And that goes for all areas. With our suppliers, customers, and employees. This company culture isn’t just important to us, we truly live it.

Heike Puse, Managing Director and Project Manager

“As owner and project manager, I find myself in direct contact with our customers. This type of direct communication is very important for me.”

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Gerald Lee Secory II, Project Manager and Head of Social Media

“As a native born American, my strengths obviously come into play post translation. Our customers appreciate that.”

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It’s a question of the right tone…

“Many customers have confirmed that they especially appreciate that we always react quickly and in a friendly way, even in stressful situations. Luckily, that’s not at all difficult for us.”

Andrea Behrens, Project Manager and It Freak

Why do I work at transmit-Deutschland? They aren’t just any employer. A lot of value is put on the human side of things here.”

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Sandra Gemballa, Administrative and Accounting Procedures

“For questions regarding back office issues, you have reached the right person.”

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Organisation is everything…

“Even in a small company, a good structure and organisation is essential. The quality management at transmit-Deutschland can be found throughout all areas as well as the accounting procedures. Everyone profits from this professional structure.”

Feel free to contact us regarding one of our services under +49 (0)4165-216230 or by email.