Our Interpreter – services for you at a glance

There are many occasions an interpreter may be needed:

Conferences, Lectures, Meetings, Notarially attested Acts, Teleconferences, Seminars etc. We have a database of accomplished interpreters in the field on our behalf. Those include conference interpreters as well as certified interpreters. We will gladly offer you our services for your project.

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What type of interpreting services do we offer?

Consecutive Interpreting

The interpreter translates speech in the breaks that the speaker must take. This type of interpreting is often used for negotiations and sometimes lectures or seminars. Only one interpreter is typically needed for this service. Telephone conferencing is also a type of consecutive interpreting. We not only source an interpreter for your teleconference with your foreign speaking counterpart, but also organise the conference call itself via the Deutsche Telekom.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Also referred to as conference interpreting. The interpreter translates as the speaker speaks. With this type of interpretation the interpreter is either in an interpreting booth or utilises wearable interpreting equipment. The so-called “whisper interpreting” is done completely without technical equipment and is for a maximum of 1-2 people. Simultaneous interpreters typically work in pairs and alternate every 30 minutes. The invoice is to be settled based on daily rates. We’d be happy to provide you with a simultaneous interpreter for your event.

Interpreting Equipment

You may need appropriate equipment for the interpreting services in order for the interpreter to be heard by all the desired parties. We can offer you equipment such as:

  • interpreter booths
  • wearable interpreting equipment
  • PA systems incl. microphones
  • set-up and support from technicians

transmit-Deutschland is a translation and interpreting agency which cares for numerous customers in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Hanover, Munich, Heidelberg, Berlin, Stuttgart, Cologne, or other German and European cities. Our interpreters work in languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, and many more! The assignments are varied e.g. a negotiation, legal act, lecture, seminar, presentation or guided tour.

Feel free to contact us regarding one of our services under +49 (0)4165-216230.