You need a certified translation? We’ll take care of it…

Every document that after its translation must be officially handed in to the public authorities and/or with an application, must be certified by a sworn translator. We provide certified translations for many different languages – each in combination with German.

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What needs to be certified?

We can gladly give you a few examples:

Academic Reports, Diplomas, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Certificates of Divorce, Death Certificates, signed Contracts, Commercial Register Documentation, Business Registrations, Balance Sheets, Court Documents….

In some cases an authentication may even be necessary. This is carried out by the responsible district court and is also a service we can gladly offer you. Get in touch with us.

Who is allowed to certify a translation?

Only the translator who originally translated the text and has been sworn in by a district court in Germany can certify the translation.  The translator then places their certification under the translation confirming that the translation and the original document coincide. A stamp, the date of the translation, as well as the translator’s signature then follows.

The translator will obtain the authentication (=Apostille, Legalisation) from his or her district court, should it be required.

So, let’s start!

1. Send us a scanned copy or your document via email.

2. Inform us of your desired language.

3. Please also inform us of whether you require a certified translation or an authentication.

4. We will then create an offer and send it to you via email.

5. The translation will be carried out after you have commissioned the order and subsequently released after our internal quality assessment. Only then will the translator place his or her certification on the translation.

6. Delivery is typically made either by post, courier, as a pre-emptive scan or by self-collection.

As a translation agency, transmit-Deutschland offers certified translations in numerous language combinations such as German-English and English-German, German-French-German, but also German-Russian-German. Our translators are sworn in by district courts all over Germany. Also in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Hanover, Munich, Heidelberg, Berlin, Stuttgart, Cologne, and many other German cities.

Feel free to contact us regarding one of our services under +49 (0)4165-216230.